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About Us

Making a Difference in the Lives of Those We Serve

One person can make a difference in the lives of others. In the early 1960’s, Sarah Ruth, a local pastor’s wife, touched the lives of an elderly couple in her church community with her servant-heart. Sarah cared for this couple in their own home until it became apparent the couple’s safety was at risk if they weren’t willing to move into Sarah and her husband’s home. The compassionate care Sarah poured on this couple assisted them in avoiding what could have been a tragic outcome had Sarah not come to their aid. Upon the death of this couple, it was discovered that they had gifted Sarah with a $500 endowment.

Sarah took this $500 gift to the elders at her church and cast a vision for what she wanted to accomplish with this seed money. Through one woman’s vision, a small gift of appreciation and the collaboration of many, Glencroft Center for Modern Aging grew to what it is today – a home and care community for as many as 900 seniors.

Offering Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Long Term Care along with Home Health Service to support our residents in their independent home settings, we are able to provide a seamless transition in the aging process. People who live at Glencroft and those who visit our community often say, “There is a difference you can feel.” We believe that difference comes from the passion we have to carry out our mission, vision and core values.

Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our mission is to provide a broad continuum of high quality senior services in a manner that demonstrates Christian love and compassion. Our vision is to create an environment that inspires seniors to experience enriched and fulfilling lives. By embracing compassion, integrity, excellence, innovation and collaboration as our core values, we are able to succeed and soar in our ministry.

What Makes Us Unique

Continuing Care Retirement Community – Glencroft has it all! Glencroft Center for Modern Aging is the largest continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in the state of Arizona. With a history of more than 48 years in service, we offer our residents a seamless transition within our 40-acre community. The staff at Glencroft walks side-by-side with our residents through the aging process. As changes in health needs arise we are there to support and implement the necessary care and services to promote the greatest level of independence.

Single Location Community - As a single-location community with only one off-site building, we are able to provide a great benefit to our residents - their voices are heard as we evaluate improvements to the place they have chosen to call “home.” Other organizations in our industry with multiple locations often make decisions at a corporate level that might not meet the unique needs of each location and they may not even take into consideration resident input. Decisions for Glencroft are made to meet the needs of our residents at our Phoenix area property.

Not-for-Profit Organization – As a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, our organization benefits from a tax exempt status which in turn benefits our residents. For profit organization pay real estate taxes and sales taxes that ultimately are recouped in monthly fees. Glencroft is exempt and therefore our residents are exempt from these expenses. Over time, the savings to our residents can be quite significant especially with the concern many seniors have of outliving their money. As a not-for-profit, we traditionally have a higher caregiver to resident ratio than most profit structured organization in our industry. This means lower turnover in staff and greater attention to resident care and needs.

Faith-Based Heritage – Glencroft is open to individuals of all faiths. However, as a community built on a foundation of Christian principles and a servant-minded heart, many of our employees feel called to serve our residents and many of our residents were drawn to live at Glencroft because of our faith-based heritage. Glencroft is a warm and embracing community that provides a sense of belonging to employees, residents, family members and guests alike.